In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna lays out what it means to be a Yogi:

“Fearlessness, purity of heart, perseverance in acquiring wisdom and in practicing yoga, charity, subjugation of the senses, performance of holy rites, study of the scriptures, self-discipline, straight forwardness; Non injury, truthfulness, freedom from wrath, renunciation, peacefulness, compassion for all creatures, absence of greed, gentleness, modesty, lack of restlessness; Radiance of character, forgiveness, patience, purity, freedom from hate, absence of conceit —these qualities are the wealth of a divinely inclined person, O Descendant of Bharata.”

The ancient Yogis used to live more carefree life in the forests. The real yogi was a nature lover. The life of the forest and river is better suited to the nature-loving yogis. They try to live their lives immersed in nature and believed that if one can receive true and solid harmony with nature, great health and personal power will result. Their wisdom comes from the timelessness of nature. Their power comes from the mountains and rivers, from the moon and sun, from the earth and sky.

Yogicsecret Healthcare is to unveil the secrets of Yogis who used to live healthy and happy for years together and that was possible only by staying close to the Mother Nature. Over the last few decades, we have been witnessing the deteriorating condition of health across age groups due to changes in diet and life styles and staying away from the Mother Nature.

The philosophy of our logo Yogic Secrets explains further that there are five main constituents of life to remain healthy and agile. These are Nature (green), River & Sky (blue), Energy (red dot), Aura (yellow) and Spiritual (orange).

The world at large is turning back to traditional and natural systems of wellness and is beginning to rediscover the benefits of natural products in day to day life. The need for a holistic approach towards lifestyle and health is gaining importance in today’s fast paced life and people are adopting natural, authentic products for long-term betterment of health

The purpose and objectives of Yogic Secret Healthcare is to introduce solutions that emphasize the maintenance of healthy living which is more than just the absence of disease. In other words, the focus is to maintain the functional ability which is of highest importance with the changing lifestyles and day to day pressures.


Improve the quality of life by offering safe and authentic nutrition.


To address the health risks from various nutritional deficiencies and harmful effects of the stress, pollution and junk habits. We, through our innovations, develop the products for complete wellbeing which lead to enormous happiness and satisfaction to our valued customers