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Today’s audio is on CKD and its complications. CKD is nothing but Chronic Kidney disease or Disorder. 

An elevated level of blood sugar in hyperglycemia and high blood pressure are two major risk factors for kidney failures and chronic kidney diseases.

The most common cause of kidney failure is anemia. This post has got a lot of recognition among medical scientists and also among medical professionals that is why I am speaking in front of you in terms of small audios

Symptoms of Chronic Disease Damage (CKD)

Most CKD patients complain about back pain. Pain from your kidney can register as lower back pain found below the rib cage or even on the sides

Other symptoms to be aware of besides back pain are change in the taste of food, loss of appetite, difficulty to think clearly, dizziness, headache, metallic taste, fatigue, and itchiness or rash on the skin.

People with kidney disease might also have anemia because it helps in the production of red blood cells which can cause some of the symptoms that were mentioned.

Also, be aware that simple symptoms of urinary tract infection can be an indication of kidney disease.

Stages of GFR

There are 5 stages of kidney disease

Basically, the glomerular filtration rate which is known as GFR is more of significance

Stage 1 kidney damage that is a protein in the urine with normal GFR 90 or above

Stage 2 kidney damage with mild decrease in GFR when it is between 60 to 89

Stage 3 is divided into A or B. Stage 3A mild to moderate decrease in GFR when it is between 45 to 59 this is stage 3A. Stage 3B is when GFR declined from 30 to 44 this is the range of GFR

Stage 4 GFR is a severe reduction in GFR that is 15 to 29 

Stage 5 is known as chronic kidney disease where GFR is less than 15.

Your GFR number tells your health care provider how much kidney function you have. As chronic kidney disease progresses your GFR number decreases.

Kidney disease is linked to other major health issues such as heart and carotid artery diseases. Carotid artery disease normally starts with irritation in the eyes, blurred vision, and also loss of vision.


When in advance stages can increase the individual risk of strokes.

Keeping blood sugar, blood levels normal and also avoiding foods with high trans fats normally with hydrogenated fats or bakery products having a lot of hydrogenated fats.

Palm oil is dangerous for kidney disease.

Keeping all things at normal that is blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure is absolutely necessary for maintaining your kidney health.

Another factor is potassium, when potassium becomes too high it can cause irregular heartbeat or a heart attack. 

If the potassium level is between 3.5 to 5 you are in a safe zone

If it is 5.1 then you are in the caution zone.

If it is higher than 6 you are in the danger zone.

K of CKD the three words of CKD, the CKD is more of required monitoring. Potassium is K which stands for potassium. It is an important function for blood cell muscle function but it is also possible to get too much potassium from your diet.

People with CKD may start to have anemia in the early stages of CKD and anemia gets worse as CKD gets worse.

Anemia in CKD can increase the risk of heart problems because the heart has to work harder to provide blood to your body.

Shortness of breath your blood may not have enough red blood cells to deliver oxygen to your muscles.

By increasing your body rate your body is trying to bring more oxygen into your body.

Prevention of Kidney damage

Now let’s see what are the medical nutrients that benefit patients suffering from or prevention of kidney damage

Curcumin (Turmeric Extract) the foods that are high in ORAC value that is Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. 

Curcumin has a very high ORAC capacity so it fights against oxidative stress. Turmeric extracts are also five hundred seventeen percent of RDA of iron, fifty-eight percent RDA of magnesium, and forty-eight percent of RDA of zinc.

Where RDA refers to Recommended Dietary Allowance. So magnesium, iron, and zinc are naturally blessed in turmeric which can be the best natural nutrition for the prevention of kidney disease and also the management of kidney disease.

Cinnamon is next to it. Cinnamon ORAC value is two lakh seventy-five thousand and it is the best nutrient for the prevention of kidney as well as cinnamon controls blood sugar level and blood pressure level.

So it is beneficial for diabetics and hypertensives as well. Lack of oxygen leads to anemia and poor hemoglobin level which in turn create most of the medical complications including cancers, coronally disease, myogarnial infection, chronic heart failures, sudden cardiac arrest, and even stroke or paralysis 

The foods that are highly beneficial are pomegranate

Pomegranate looks like our red blood cells and boosts cardio function as well it boosts kidney function.

P for pomegranate and p for prostate function so those who are suffering from prostate enlargement or having higher levels of prostate antigens pomegranate is really the wonder fruit for these patients.

Another one is kiwi, banana, papaya, and oranges. They boost red blood cells and also boost hemoglobin and platelet counts. So in this way, they help to treat anemia.

Cloves, ginger, garlic, pudina are life-saving spices and herbs one must use in their daily cooking.

Supplementing iron is useless without vitamin C. So citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, kemu kemu are highly beneficial in order to boost serum levels of iron.

Kidney patients need to follow restrictions of water intact. So improving RBCs become too challenging

Cabbage is a wonderful vegetable. So one can use cabbage in their nourishing soups as well.

Cranberry extract protects kidney function greatly. Cranberries prevent the development and growth of ulcers and bacteria in your urinary tract can help manage ulcers due to bacterial infection and make it more acidic and help keep bacteria attaching to the inside the bladder.

 Serum electrolytes need to be balanced so one has to check Serum electrolytes with respect to magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, etc. and these levels need to be in a normal range.

Restriction of salt, sugar, and stopping alcohol and smoking are absolute essentials.

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Hope it provides enough information to you.

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