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This is Dr. Sharad Kasrle

Today’s episode is on doze (light sleep). I am sure that most of you are interested in listening to this small audio.

Minimum six hours of sleep is most crucial. Let’s understand how 

If you don’t accept nature’s call of sleep you will soon be suffering from insomnia that is sleepless nights 

Sleep as each word goes S-L-E-E-P. 

First S is stress, good sleep relieves stress and vice-versa like if you have tremendous stress your sleep can be impaired.

L stands for leptin hormone which most of us are not aware of and in most medical diagnostics leptin is not tested. Leptin is the main culprit behind your thyroid dysfunction and we all know thyroid function mainly is important in order to have a healthy metabolism, good body temperature, blood pressure, body weight, etc.

L again stands for lung function, that is lungs capacity. We all know blood oxygen capacity that is responsible for having lungs function and correct breathing that protects our lungs.

E stands for mainly emotional health. If we have a lot of anxiety, fear, panic situation, depression that also affects it very badly

Another E  is for energy level by means of exercise, meditation, yoga, pranayam, or simply walking. We can increase our energy levels that is very very important  

And the last word that is P which is very important is prostate function. Poor prostate function disturbs it due to frequent urination at night. Many of us suffer from frequent urination during the night. And due to that our sleeping is affected 

It is involved in the healing and repair of your heart blood vessels. Ongoing sleeping deficiency is linked to an increase in heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even hemorrhagic stroke. 

Things which can help for good sleep

Now, most of the posts written about milk and milk products that are not healthy and should not be consumed.

I have a bit of a different opinion on this. Milk and curd contain tryptophan, a precursor to melatonin which helps improve your sleeping so that is why turmeric extracts curcumin and saffron with milk I normally promote, and bedtime which promotes good sleep.

The herbs which are very effective for inducing it are Brahmi and ashwagandha.

Melatonin is the primary hormone that regulates your body’s sleeping wake cycle. 

The first S which is mentioned stress is basically controlled by serotonin and Serotonin has a direct role on dopamine and as well as melatonin so if you are high-stress level naturally your sleep will be affected.

I recommend taking steamed rice with a lot of lentils or curries for dinner because rice promotes good sleep.

Steam inhalation with camphor one hour before bedtime helps promote a good nap.

Now sleep apnea that is normally in medical terminology called obstructive sleep apnea can make disturbances for a longer period of time that is most of the patients snoring.

Due to snoring their doze are affected. The simple solution to avoid snoring is putting two to three drops of cow graham that is cow ghee, Pure cow ghee in nostrils

You can also try two to three drops of MCT coconut oil or sesame oil that promotes your gut function that means healthier gut which promotes healthier brain function and due to that your stress levels dropped then you can get a nice nap.

Urinary inconticles if there is a need to be treated on top priority and medical nutrition is the best solution in treating urinary inconticles and also prostate-related complications including prostate enlargement and also the risk of developing prostate cancer that is an elevated level of prostate-specific antigens PSA.

Important to hydrate yourself sufficiently. It is very important that we must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day and that hydrates the cell and water is the richest source of oxygen that we know. That oxygenates our cells and that also helps lower our stress level.

Gratitude towards the blessed day before sleep may be satisfying.

I hope these simple tips will be followed by most of you and always accept nature’s call.

When you feel sleepy especially at night in spite of the heavy workloads you need to do, your responsibilities must accept nature’s call in terms of hunger, thirst, urination, or sleep.

Respect nature’s call otherwise you will end up with major chronic complications. 

Thank You very much

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