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Stress Of Daily Life Can Shrink The Thymus

Stress Of Daily Life Can Shrink The Thymus

The thymus is normally located behind the breastbone, in front of the heart and between the lungs.

In any case, the thymus gland is considered the organ of the immune system. Just like tonsils and adenoids, helps to fight against pathogens.

What is main function of thymus gland inside our body

The thymus gland is an organ that helps control the activation of T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell (Helps to fight infection and other diseases) & also helps the body identify and remove cancer cells and other invading substances.

How stress can affects your thymus gland

When people are stressed, their thymus glands may start to malfunction. Attenuated effects on the thymus may be caused by various factors such as-

  • Dehydration
  • News of a negative event
  • Consumption of malnourished and processed foods or beverages.

All of these factors reduce the activation of T cells by thymus hormones, which leaves the body without enough defenses against the spread of cancer cells and other causes of disease, Many people with thymus problems have no symptoms.

What are Common Symptoms of thymus problems

Reducing resistance to infectious diseases, muscle fatigue, droopy eyelids, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cough (with coughing up blood), difficulty swallowing, headache, dizziness, weight loss, loss of appetite, chest pain; swelling of the head, face or neck; and bluish skin color.

Your thymus gland deal with a lot of negative influences

factors affecting thymus

Did you know Stressful conditions for a long period of time can shrink your thymus gland?

Following a serious injury or illness, many white blood cells are destroyed, and the thymus gland shrinks. If you see video footage of Adolf Hitler, it could stress your thymus gland. Whenever you read or watch a magazine or movie, ask a friend to exercise your arm muscles while you view the different pictures. Some pictures will strengthen your muscles, while others will weaken. (Of course, if you were completely infused with love and compassion instead of fear and judgment, you wouldn’t suffer such a stress reaction).

What are the major factors that weaken your Thymus?

Television, newspapers, junk food, chemicals in foods and beverages, indoor and outdoor pollution, and people with negative attitudes are all major contributors. The thing you encounter that weakens your thymus is advertising that depicts people smoking or drinking.

Most people don’t realize how much of their life energy is drained by exposing themselves to stressful situations and unhealthy environments such as smoke-filled rooms, driving at night. Having food while they are tired can simply confuse the body. When one’s energy is depleted, one may become anxious or panicked.

What makes the thymus hyperactive?

Conditions that cause thymus dysfunction can dramatically reduce a person’s quality of life. Several conditions can enlarge the thymus and make it hyperactive or hyperactive. Usually, the thymus is larger in infants and young children. However, some preterm infants may have a small thymus gland.

What foods are good for the thymus gland?

Good foods for the thymus are those that boost immune function like foods rich in vitamin C, foods rich in zinc, foods rich in vitamin A, foods loaded with vitamin A are fortified and foods rich in selenium.

Engaging yourself in Exercise and encouraging activities, eating nutritious foods, listening to relaxing music, and spending more time in nature than indoors or in front of the TV can help improve the health of your thymus and whole body.

Reference: Timeless secrets of health & rejuvenation, Andreas Moritz

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